Learn about the project 

1.What is Probobobo Machine ?
Probobobo Machine is a brand new idea that will change the world! And seriously :] .. the name "Probobobo" comes from the verb probability - "way of expressing knowledge or belief that an event will occur or has occurred". It's a system that redirects user to a random websites based on their chance and overall chance. It gives users the joy of discovery and you a chance that your site could potentially be seen by millions of people over the world.
2.What is a "Chance Piece" ?
It's the smallest part of chance that you can get. One Chance Piece gives you 1/(all_chance) probability that your link will be chosen and it accumulates with every additional piece. The minimum amount you can get is 1 and maximum 100 Chance Pieces. Of course the more pieces you have then the better chances for your link to be chosen.
3.How does it work ?
Very simple. You click the big button on main page and the machine magically redirects you to a random website. Check which page is the most lucky, discover all the pages or just click for clicking the decision is yours.
4.My website does not show when I use the machine ?
Patience young one. Remember that your website has a certain chance of occurance. It may not show when you click but know that when there will click 1000 or more users your website will be displayed a considerable amount of times.